Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sisters, Biddies

Bridesmaids are my favourite things. My roommate from college and Head Biddy in Charge is doing calligraphy for me. Lots of calligraphy. And she is putting up with my when I change my mind and she is going to get a huge stack of envelopes at some point in mid-March and a list of addresses. Fun for her. My littlest bridesmaid (who is 13 and sister number four in our family of four sisters and a brother) is getting all the addresses that cannot be googled and that need to be picked out from the rather chaotic rolodex my mother keeps. She is also scanning in all the pictures of our mother and grandmothers for my guestbook shenanigan and keeping watch over all the jars, making sure none get thrown out so they can all live the dream as candles. It is good to have an accomplice in Mississippi while I am here in Pennsylvania. And sister number 3, also known as the seventh bridesmaid (apparently being seventh and not third or first or second is important to her, I think it has something to do with this) is drawing me a map. For my save the dates. She's very clever and excellent at drawing and these save the dates are going to be the. best. ever. Because my sister drew them. It's nice to have girls. Meg called her vendors Wedding Elves and maybe I will too but I'm also calling my sisters and biddies elves. Cause they're kinda magic.

And on the non-elf-but-awesome-awesome-friend front, my best friend from high school keeps trying to get together to see hot man movies and listens to me WHINE a lot. And sister number dos also gets a lot of calls of whining and they have both made me feel like they are super duper available to me for whining and also for stuffing envelopes or getting drinks or anything. So they too are MAGIC.

The seventh bridesmaid as drawn by the seventh bridesmaid.

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