Friday, February 19, 2010

Place Cards

So my Biddy of Honour/Alpha Maid/Head Biddy in Charge is a genius. You probably want to pay her a lot of money to plan your wedding. Barn wedding means no simple cards set on tables for place cards. Which had kind of been my thought. Something has to weight them down. So Mary thought of using tiny little bottles with a few tiny little flowers (very in keeping with my tons-of-flowers down the middle of the table thought) and manilla tags with people's names on them at each place. This is genius. Because, as I've said, Mary-Berry is a genius (I wanted to write Mary-Barry so she could be Mary-BarryWhite). It's going to be stellar I tell you. STELLAR.

bottles, tags and the flowers are rockroses, which are lovely and grow like crazy in southern PA in the summer

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