Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This wedding planning shenanigan is stressful. Like really stressful. I know some people find the experience blissful and fun and I know some people would tell me that it is stressful because I am planning on pouring a bazillion candles a la Peonies or because my little sister (the fantastic artiste) is drawing our save the dates. It's stressful for a lot more real reasons than this. Right now David and I are living in his parents basement which (even with the best in-laws) is stressful; we came upstairs yesterday to find David's mother bleaching my teapot and throwing the tea-cosy in the washer. Even negotiating going from the basement to the shower is stressful. I am also unemployed and have been since June. That's a very very very long time to not have a job/money. We are trying to plan a wedding in some intense unemployed money-less shenanigans. In January my dad lost his job, both our cars broke down and my car now needs a timing belt. Trying to sort out a rehearsal dinner is becoming a major source of stress, as is catering. So whine. This is stressful. And scary.


  1. not sure if it makes you feel any better, but both my husband and i were unemployed the entire duration of our engagement. and our car was totalled. so yeah. i feel your pain.

  2. Thanks. I want everyone to tell me how stressful planning their wedding was. It would be helpful (: