Thursday, February 18, 2010


Weddings in a barn allow you to do different things than weddings in a posh restaurant. One of these things is long tables in rows and bottles down the middle of different sizes and styles filled with wild flowers and flowers bought from the wholesale flower people that look like they might be wild. And candles that I pour myself (with the help from a sister-in-law or two) in funky jars. So now I am collecting bottles and funky jars (Bonne Maman jars are awesome, leave me alone) and trying to think of different kinds of lovely lovely flowers to put in them.
My relationship with Weeder's Digest has become straight up uncomfortable. I just love those tousely wildy flowers so very very very much. I want heaps of them around all the time. Especially in the wedding universe.


  1. amazing, i love it. should i start saving bottles for you? and let me know if you want help with candles or anything else! :3

  2. YESH!! If you come across any little clear glass bottles and any and all little glass jars are so getting turned into poured candles! Yer the best. Jam jars, olive jars, caper jars... it's a thing.

  3. sounds good! :3 how about the 20-something votive candle holders left over from our wedding? you are welcome to them if you like, i can get them from my parents' house on saturday. or if you're keeping it strictly jars i'll just raid the recycling bin.