Friday, February 19, 2010

Bad Bad Bride

Getting married makes you feel like a crazy person. Sometimes you know just what kind of calligraphy you like and want and then you see something else and you WANT THAT. But it's too late and you decided you liked the other one and your best friend has been practicing for like weeks and you need to chill the eff out and eat a bagel. Except there is no bagels in the house. PLEASE SOMEONE GO BUY ME A BAGEL!!! (someone means David who is at work, GAH) So anyway I still like my other calligraphy and so whatever. But this is pretty too. Just in case you were looking for pretty calligraphy. I am going to go pick out wedding vows from the nice book the priest gave me. Whine.

Lovely writing by Genius Patricia Mumau

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