Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prenup of a different colour

Today is our prenuptial investigation by our parish priest. He's basically going to ask David if he's being forced and ask me if we intend to have children and make sure we both know what we're getting in for. It's kind of exciting and lovely and final. Calling it a 'prenuptial investigation' makes it a little scary but I'm looking forward.

In prettier news: I kind of want to have a Quaker Wedding Certificate. I think it's lovely to have everyone who's there sign our 'wedding certificate' rather than a book which will probably never get seen. But we are having a Catholic wedding. And people might think it's silly and contrived. And even though I read APW a lot I am still worried about people thinking I'm silly and contrived. So maybe we'll leave that out. It is lovely though. If I were to have one, this might be the one I want.

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