Friday, February 19, 2010


So if our place cards are getting attached to lovely wee bottles with lovely wee flowers how are people going to know which table to look at for their luminous wee bottle? This is the question. My thought is a chalkboard. But where to put it is an issue. The barn doors open into one big section of the barn with two half walls deviding sections off on each side. The tables are going to go in the center (yes Dad, thanks. I will go out and measure the barn and draw up a real schematic) and so where could I stick the seating chart? Maybe immediately outside on the grassy lead up to the barn on an easel? Is that possible? What do we think? SHARE little bunnies! SHARE YOUR FEELINGS WITH ME! (Remember that bagel? I never got it.) If I did a chalkboard I would want one of those Bonney shenanigans. They are possibly the most lovely things on earth. And with chalk pens.....

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