Friday, February 19, 2010


So I am Catholic. We have sacrements. Each one has paperwork. Baptism earns you a really shiny seal on your certificate, ditto first communion and confirmation. When you get married you need to hand all three over (our priest says I don't NEED communion but he'd like it) to prove that you are a member in good standing of the Holy Roman Shenanigan. I recieved all four sacrements thus far in different churches but no worries, they keep their certificates on file. I called Holy Cross in Dewitt NY and they told me that I recieved my first communion on 5.1.1994 and got my address to send it out pronto. I called St. Mark's in Greencastle PA and they sorted my confirmation paperwork pronto. When I was baptised my dad was still in law school and I was dipped by a chaplain. The University of Chicago had a Catholic Chaplaincy in 1986. Apparently they don't anymore. My baptismal certificate may be lost in Chicagoland. Do we think Fr. Collin will mind? Also, do we think he'll mind if I spell it with one L? I like it better that way.

image of U of C via U of C website. No link. Google it.

Edit: They still have Calvert House. God help you if you google "catholic chaplain, university of chicago". Google will fail you.

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