Monday, January 11, 2010


Guest books suck. This is well regarded as fact. Which is why there are typewriter guestbooks, and index card guestbooks and why Martha (why do I LOVE YOU SO EFFING MUCH WOMAN?!) has an entire photo gallery of crazy-ass suggestions.

Liz at Chic on the Cheap is a genius and made a photo book of pictures of family weddings going back to the early 1900s that people could thumb through and look and and sign. Apparently it hangs out around their house and people look at it when they come over. Holler. I especially like this idea since all four of my grandparents are "no-longer-with-us" and it I like the idea of placing our wedding, our marriage within the greater context of our families. I am the oldest daughter of an oldest daughter of an oldest daughter of an oldest daughter. My mother married a foreigner and my grandmother did too. Let's acknowledge and rock these things in a guestbook. Please.

Deanna, the very very cool illustrator who documented her wedding shenanigans here, and her husband put together a book of photos, movie tickets, receipts, notes and letters and used that as a guestbook. Much much cooler than a typewriter (note: typewriter is super cool, just don't understand what I'm going to DO with all that typewritten paper. What to DO with it is the issue, ditto index cards and vintage postcards).

So dear David: Can I please have some wedding pictures from your family past? Since I have a lot of mine floating around.

Pictures: Top is Mum, June, the third generation to wear that dress, bottom is my great-grandmother, also called June, the first to wear that dress.

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  1. i strongly suggest doing something creative/memorable that will encouraged you to keep it around and look at it again, or make it yourself out of a journal or something. our guests used a grand total of 4 pages of our guestbook. it makes me glad i got a really cheap one.