Friday, January 8, 2010

Grandma, Grandpa, Fifth Avenue Hotel

Grandma and Grandpa are obvious, behind them Grandma's only cousin, her godfather and, looking like he was having a grand old time with white hair and specs, her father (my great grandfather).

Grandma and her father. Grandma was only 5'4" and I was taller than her at nine years old so her dad must have been an absolute tich.

Grandma's dad (Harry Sr) gesturing like a mad man and Grandpa's mother (Marion) laughing at the mess her son had gotten himself into. Please look at Grandma's face in the corner, looking like the cat who caught the canary (as she would say)

My grandmother, Mary Virginia, married my grandfather, Edmund, in 1947. They got married at Saint Patricks and then had their reception at the Fifth Avenue Hotel. Grandma was a pretty elegant lady and Grandpa was a pretty cool guy. I love everyone's faces in these pictures, especially hers. Can my wedding look like this please? Or just feel like this? And can my father make faces like his grandfather did? Maybe my mother could wear as crazy a hat as Edmund's mother did? Yes, please.

Please excuse the very very poor quality of the photos, my scanner isn't very ancient photo-compatible so photos of photos will have to do.

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