Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Children

I feel like every time read Dear Abbey there is some shenanigan about "my sister won't speak to me because I won't let her brats come to my wedding" or "my brother is marrying some b*tch who won't let me bring my precious bundles of joy to her wedding". Children and weddings are an issue. To have them? Not to have them? Whose to have? What to feed them?

We are having a small wedding (seriously. small) and including everyone's children would be an increase of 31% (my godmother's children alone would increase the guest list by 10%). We are having David's siblings' children come to the wedding reception because they are going to be IN the wedding (and those five children are going to eat grown up food and try very hard not to go into any of the off-limits because of danger areas of the barn) but we've been trying to think of something to do with the children of out of town guests. Babysitter at a hotel? There is now a thought that perhaps we'll hire a couple of babysitters to occupy with pizza, games and pool at a nearby condo (another idea for out of town guests: condo for the young and broke who don't mind sleeping on pullouts, 13 to a condo).

Are you having/did you have children at your wedding? The thought of my tiny, teeny wedding disappearing is just a little too upsetting to bear.

Photo via
Lillian and Leonard, it makes me think that little people at a wedding would be nice. The thought of those little hands in broken glass in the off-limits areas of the barn makes me think it would not be so nice.


  1. if you can offer some options as far as group babysitting, that would help appease people. i think people should suck it up and deal anyway, because it's *your* wedding, but maybe that's just me. XD

    seriously though, especially where safety becomes an issue, stick to your gut instinct. it's nice to think that parents will keep an eye on their kids and keep them out of things like broken glass and broken floorboards and (dear heavens) the silo ladder, but the truth is, they won't. at our wedding someone was constantly chasing the kids away from the cake and sound equipment. a bunch of kids rode the elevator up and down (unattended) for a couple hours and i know at least 3 of them hit the champagne. :/ kids will *not* be supervised so if there are any safety concerns you're better off making it adults only.

    another idea as far as babysitting, could you have your house be kiddy central? that way at least parents could pop over and check on their kids, and also if there were any problems the parents would be within walking distance.

  2. Problem with that is that they will migrate over to the barn. There is no way they will be contained. I am positive. Also: They will have to be watched by the pool.

  3. good call. :( ok, elsewhere it is then!