Saturday, January 23, 2010

Summer Dresses

When I lived in England my best friend and I were obsessed with watching Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? (because we were poor as anything, very lonely, cold as hell and enjoyed watching other people go crazy, we are not necessarily proud of this time in our lives). Our favourite episode was about Valerie Vazquez. She was the cutest thing that ever happened, perfectly dressed, had great hair and an awesome laugh and totally made us die with jealousy a bit. She had awesome dresses for every vendor meeting, wore four inch heals and never stopped smiling. I want to be Valerie Vazquez in my wedding planning shenanigans. I want to wear this dress to meet with a florist (or since I might be driving to Potomac to buy in bulk maybe I'll wear this dress to do that) or to go and talk to the baker. Or maybe to the rehearsal. Yay for summer weddings that allow me to be a slightly paler, chubbier, not quite so gracious and smiling Valerie.

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