Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I want to start doing obscene little crafty things. Like sewing lots of tulle flowers like the ones above to put on my bridesmaids heads and finding WEDDING SHOES and I feel like I should start making hundreds of miles of bunting or buying lots and lots of those little papel picado flaggy shenanigans and pouring hundreds and hundreds of little candles. But I need to wait a little while. I need to wait until we establish a font and or script before I worry about programs, or even our wedding website. I need to collect more jars before I go ahead and start pouring candles, I need to actually make sure the flower girls get their dresses before I make them flowery headbands, and I need to buy a dress before I stress out too much about shoes. Maybe I could make a veil... Or I could vacuum the bedroom floor and clean the bathroom. Hmmm.

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