Monday, March 15, 2010


We spent about three hours in J. Crew yesterday picking out not one but two suits for David, who has decided to wear a seersucker suit to the rehearsal (we are also now having a Kentucky Derby party in May because he bought the suit and eff if he isn't going to wear it). I was foot stomping mad by the time we left because I didn't look cute in anything (which is always bad bad bad for one's self esteem) and the store was so busy and the salesman talked a lot (and I was running on five hours of sleep for the past two nights and hadn't gotten a treat coffee yet) but I saw these shoes and thought that maybe what I want to do is have my dress hemmed and wear sandals. Comfy comfy sandals. With my summer silly dress. Then my feet won't hurt at all.

Or more realistically I should just get these for the day after brunch.

P.S. Yeah, Jenna Lyons and J Crew are basically dressing EVERY single person at our wedding. It's unpleasant but so so so beautiful. Sorry ESB.

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  1. But you looked so beautiful at your wedding, that must have been posted before you found your fabulous dress!!Xt