Friday, March 5, 2010

Gnashing of Teeth, Tearing of

I have curly hair, Like really really really curly hair. Like BIG curly, nappy, kinky, fine, breakable, blond hair. I do not like other people doing my hair, I do not like doing my hair, I wear it in a bun every. single. day. Sometimes a high bun, sometimes a low bun, there is very very little variety in hair styles up in here. The Seventh Bridesmaid (third sister) who has the same kind of hair has said that La Portman (who I kinda hate, am I alone in this?) is the queen of updos we can handle. ScarJo (who I also kinda hate, this one time in college a girl told me repeatedly that I looked a lot like ScarJo and I just effing hated her for it) also seems to tragically be rockin' really banging wedding hair in some of these photos. Of course I really just wanna look like Heidi.

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