Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday

This has been a rough week. A week with new jobs and scary people at those new jobs who lear and make us feel not safe. And there has been running around and stressing out and registering (which was bad, like really really bad but more on that later) and there has been another job interview and and a family dinner and a lot of very very serious conversations about The Future and Where We Are Going (figuratively and literally) and lots of job hunting and a fair amount of crying. But today the sun was shining a lot and I drove around with the sunroof open and some Cyndi on super loud and I came home to a lovely lovely big white box with a lovely lovely big white dress in which fits pretty well and just needs a minor minor alteration. And tomorrow I'm going for a walk in the park with David and maybe my blue windbreaker instead of a real coat. I think that maybe this necklace would be the best thing to wear with my wedding dress. Kate Szabone made my engagement ring and I think that the necklace would be lovely.

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