Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Few Questions for YOU, dear reader

1) Are sixty of these enough? Is it insane to make 120?

2) Where can I find unbelievable fabric to make cloth napkins? Unbelievable mind you. Or I might go head and make those insane pom pom napkin rings and I don't know if that's a good idea. Or is it?

3) What colours of flowers should I get? Keeping in mind that the ring bearers are wearing blue seersucker and the bridesmaids are wearing "thistle" and "spiced wine" and "graphite" but I don't want to just do cream and I don't like matchies. Matchies is baaaaaaaaad for Hannah.

Share your thoughts, I'm in need of some thoughts.


  1. if you're trying to stay in the range of white/grey/blue/purple/mauve/pink flowers i'm a fan of aster, bluets, queen anne's lace, hepatica, ladies' tresses, & ironweed. jimsonweed is pretty as well, but fatally toxic so probably not the best choice for a reception dinner. XD

    these two sites have a lot of good info on local wildflowers: