Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Girls Part II

So I waited too long to get those awesome dresses for my nieces. I was worried they would grow, we hadn't technically asked the girls to be flower girls etc. And now we are dressless, which is, I guess okay. We'll find something. But The Crewzles doesn't have anything I like right now for under $98 and I kind a feel like my filthy 6 year old niece doesn't need a $98 white dress right now. Ya know what I'm saying? And while I understand that Flora and Henri's children's clothes are fantastic there is no way they need anything costing nearly that much. How about a darling little day dress that will work with the colours for like not as much money? Like how about fiddy? Anyone have any great ideas about dresses for seven year olds? Who tend to be muddy and messy as little girls should be? Seriously peeps. Rock the comments.
Anyway, they won't care. The above photos is The Oldest-and-Best's kid sister as a flower girl in December. She was trouble. She is trouble. She liked her dress but she really liked being trouble.

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