Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting Stuff DONE

This weekend was a wedding weekend to be reckoned with. We registered together once, I registered again by myself, we got not one but two suits and we sorted out our wedding cake. We also cried a couple of times because the caterer will not get back to me, and the printer messed up the save the dates twice.

First off, Macy's. Is. Awesome. We had a fantastic Registry Lady called Brenda who faffed around with us and was there if we wanted her and not if we didn't and when I couldn't find enough Botanical Garden Serveware (Dave doesn't like it so we can't get a whole set, boooo) she went online after we left and found a bunch and emailed me links. Because she's lovely. And there were not boxes piled to the ceiling and the scanners worked really well and there wasn't too much stuff but there is just enough stuff. If you are in the DC area you should go to Macy's in the Tysons Corner Center. Ask for Brenda. She's a treat. The next day I registered alone at Target because we wanted a carafe and shocking as it sounds, we couldn't find one we liked at Macy's. Plus I was there anyway trying on this. It was okay. No complaints. It just wasn't as AWESOME as Macy's.

Apres Macy's while wandering around in Tysons we wandered into the Crewzels. Of course we did. Like moths to a flame. We couldn't help ourselves. We bought not one but two suits (although with the twenty percent off for starting a card which we have already paid off and canceled it wasn't as bad as it could have been). So now Davey's gonna look super stellar. Seersucker for the rehearsal (if you find me a super cool rehearsal dinner dress I'll buy you beer) and a real suit for the wedding (and also for job interviews and maybe work, I am justifying).

We also sorted out the cake this weekend. The Cupcake Lady of farmers market fame (she's out of her mind and has 16 cats and makes crazy delicious, beautiful cupcakes that she sells out of her garage) is making our cake. For very little money. It's going to be chocolate with creamy non-fondant frosting (because seriously, fondant isn't yummery and yummery is important). I am very excited about this cake. Cupcake Lady rocks.

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