Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wedding Blog, Sans Wedding

Isn't it weird to have a wedding blog post wedding? Unless you're Meg of course. What am I suppose to talk about since I don't have the arm loads of tissue paper and the pouring of candles and the pinning of flowers into my hair? Does anyone want to hear about painting my bathroom (grey) or about brunch this weekend (the hollandaise was not tart enough, too thick) or about my best-friend-from-high-school possibly moving to Durham? Or my new job (handling all graphic design, marketing and publicity for Campus Recreation, Health and Wellness and Physical Education at the douchiest school in these United States)? Or about how sick I think the reveling in the streets and "foot in your ass"ing around is right now? I'm considering returning to our regularly scheduled programing over at Doux with flouncy skirts and making mobiles.

Somehow the marriagey stuff post wedding seems to personal to blog about.

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  1. Yes yes yes!! I am here! Your cousin Tilly and I so doux want to hear more, I love your writing and your Blog and I'm sure you have all sorts of interesting things to Blog about but I'm also pretty sure you're pretty busy busy with that impressive new job, sounds fun, hope it is? THanks so much for the tremendousssly cute Christmas card, we still have the one you sent last year on the mantle piece to remind me to send you one this year...and obviously I didn't get round to it... not to anyone! Crap crap crap! But oh babies and nappies and toddling and head bumps are just sooo time consuming and I was a disaster before I had a baby... anyhooo, I love you and think of you oft, so there XXXXXXX