Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I've been away because I've been sick. Really not good sick. Spending our grocery money on accupuncture sick. Pill popping sick. Hiding hiding hiding sick. Not very good at staying awake past 7:30 sick, not very good at getting up before 7:30 sick. Dear Husband, please make dinner and fend for yourself sick. Bad bad spring sick. But the weather is getting a wee bit warmer and my accupuncture seems to be working a bit and I've been home and my mother bought me sturdy, clompy clogs for clomping and walking. And I've seen a new nephew and I've snuggled with one of my sisters for one whole week. So I'm back. Slightly the worse for wear. Anyone still out there?
This tiny nephew person recently met

Home recently visited, complete with ponies munching hay and the barn of wedding fame


  1. Yes and miss you very very much.

    Please feel more better.

  2. You're probably just allergic to NC. Come live in Dallas with your sister.