Monday, May 10, 2010


Of money. Getting married kinda doesn't feel so good sometimes. Like after buying all the groomsmen's gifts, and the tissue paper for the pom poms and wedding earrings and the rest of the rentals. I was going to buy a veil but quite honestly there is a trip to Massachusetts coming up this weekend and some unexpected expenses and I just can't hack it. Veils will be left for another day.

Vail via David's bridal, I am not getting a David's bridal veil.


  1. Don't worry about the veil. I have always thought of them as a waste of money. Ask around to friends and see if you can borrow one. Seems like the kind of thing people would be happy to lend...

  2. Weddings do add up. actually everything I do adds up:)

  3. We be poor. It is a sad thing. Party is a money eater.