Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This is what love is

Today was my third day at my new job and my first day in a six week training course which will teach me to be the girl who calls you when you use your credit card in Spain and says "excuse me, are you in Spain? No? Alright, your card's been nicked." So not a good day. And then there was taxes. Which were not as nice as we might have liked them to be. And then there was a meeting with a caterer who talked to be about table skirts and risers stupid stupid drapings and flowings and faffings with fabric and I just wanted to DIE. And I'm surfing the crimson wave (thank you Alicia). David just called me from the liquor store and told me he's picking me up a milkshake and fries and do I want chicken nuggets too? Because love is beer and drive-thru McDonalds for your whiny girlfriend. Yep. It is. I know you wondered.